Monday, 6 November 2017

Preppy autumn outfit

Is there anything more inspirational than the autumn? the most perfect yellow leaves, beautiful sunsets, delicious pumpkins, the aroma of baked chestnuts and all this is complete with perfect layered autumn combinations. Autumn is definitely the best time to experiment and let the autumn inspirations come to mind when it comes to dress combinations.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

The perfect summer design that you must have by the end of the summer

En: Can you believe it has already passed half of summer? How the time is running fast! But well, we have a good month of hot weather during which we will be able to carry our mentioned summer pieces. A great trend this summer that you must definitely afford if you like girly wardrobe and if you have not already bought it, which is very difficult for me to believe, it's a plaid pattern. The plaid pattern is so perfect for summer combinations and it's not a miracle that all fashionists have gone crazy for plaid.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Summer plaid shirt

One of the biggest trends for the spring/summer season is certainly a plaid pattern. The truth is that the smallest brown pattern is much more prevalent during the autumn days, but designers have found a way to make this plaid pattern design flicker and above all summer. All fashion bloggers were completely crazy about this design, but how would they not be when it was so charming and chic. The only drawback of this plaid pattern many identify it with the interior in the restaurants. The hall to the side, any mix of colors of this design to choose you will look perfect perfectly.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

6 make up products for a perfect summer look

Summer is the time to leave heavy make up on the side and return to the basis that make our face look sparkling and beautiful. High temperatures and bright suns are by no means a good combination with heavy make up, especially the powders that close your pores and thus put your pimples on. Summer is the right time to give your skin a break and enjoy the brush make up. You can find countless texts on the Internet and basically all of them advise you on the same things, make less make up, and enjoy as much as possible.